Cottage in Long Compton

Cottage in Long Compton
A place of Christian rest

Tel: 01442 825259
Mob: 07971 552095

House Rules

As the cottage is own and run by a non profit making charity, for the benefit of the Christian community, please observe these rules, so as to keep the cottage running cost to a minimum, and hence the charges as low as possible.

On Arrival

at No 7, Weaver’s Cottages, Long Compton. Shipston-on-Stour. CV36 5JG

Please bring you own bed sheets, and towels.


Inventory: Will be on dining table, please check major items on arrival and advise if anything is missing. Replacing what you use: Please replace cleaning materials or if you notice something is running out or low, e.g. washing up liquid. If you are able to replace light bulbs, then please do so. Thank you!

Central Heating: You will find this on minimum during the winter, early spring and late autumn. If not warm enough, open the plastic cover and adjust. The lounge front radiator has a fan boost. Do not put anything on the radiators to dry, as this may cause a fire. There is also a 3KW heater in lounge.

Refrigerator: is in kitchen, in bottom left of kitchen unit. This should be off when you arrive, and the door ajar, (unless someone immediately precedes you). Kettle: is to right of cooker. Switch is on back wall.

Cooker: Switches to activate are on the wall at back and to left of cooker. Switch to activate cooker hood is in wall cupboard to right of cooker. If someone has left cooker on automatic, put back to manual before use (instructions in red binder on front windowsill). Iron & Ironing Board: in downstairs cloakroom.

Washing Machine: is bottom right of kitchen unit. There is a switch on wall above washer. (Read instructions in red binder on window sill before use)

Water stopcock: is under sink, but is usually left in the “on” position.

Dining Area: Place mats in sideboard and fish shaped trivet on dining table. Please use so as to protected the table. If writing at table, please use something firm underneath. Extra folding chairs in garage.

Bookcase: There are books and magazines, DVD’s, jigsaws, chess and puzzles for a rainy day! Please feel free to use, but do not take away. There are also maps, atlas, encyclopaedias, bibles etc. Local Interest leaflets: in the orange box and in other folders on the front windowsill.

TV and DVD player: Main switch on the wall behind equipment. Handset for TV and one for DVD player. TV Licence is in the draw.


Electric Heating: This will be on minimum and timer in cold weather. Open up plastic cover with a key or knife and turn the large button to mid or max and the small leaver from timed to manual for instant heat. If children are present, keep the plastic cover closed. Night light: on the skirting on the landing.

Immersion Heater: is located in the airing cupboard on the first floor. There are two immersion heaters, hence two switches. The first switch is for the bottom immersion and should be left on the whole time, and when you leave. The second switch is for a good supply of hot water, such as a bath, and should only be put on for bath users, as both showers have built in heaters. (You may find the bottom immersion is already on).

Shower En-suite: There is a ceiling pull switch just inside the en-suite to the right. This needs to be on to activate hot water in the shower. There is an isolator outside the en-suite which can be left on. If any of the air extraction units are too noisy at night, they can be switched off just outside. The switch is near the ceiling.

Bathroom: The electric shower switch is at floor level outside the bathroom, by the top of the stairs.

Security: Please make sure windows are closed and everything is “locked up” when you go out. Keep garage doors and French doors locked even when you are in (lift the handle to lock later). There are “outside light” switches back and front, if going out or coming in again after dark.

Keys. One key ring holds the outside garage door key, garden to garage key, and the back door patio key. It is in the “Chicken” in the kitchen, and please put it back in here on leaving.

Doctor: 01 608 661845 Shipston-on-Stour, saying you are a temporary resident.

Dental: emergency appointment 01608 661551 (not NHS) Shipston-on-Stour.

NHS treatment at Deddington

Dentist Dr S Clifford 01869 337377

If anything goes wrong or is missing, please inform Hillary Fordyce 01442 825259 or Peter & Jenny 01628 310262 or 07887 810423

On departure

from No 7, Weaver’s Cottages, Long Compton. Shipston-on-Stour. CV36 5JG



Central Heating: Turn radiators to low input and output in winter. In summer, turn off completely.

Refrigerator: When leaving, empty, turn off at the wall above, and leave the door ajar (there is a gadget to prevent it from closing).

Cooker: Turn cooker switches off, not leaving it on auto. Kettle: Leave kettle empty and turn switch off at wall.

Washing Machine: Make sure it’s empty(!) and turn off above counter.

Water stopcock: Leave in the “on” position.

Lounge: TV and DVD player: Turn off main switches on wall behind equipment. Leave handset for TV and DVD player on top of TV. Return DVD’s to slip cases and store.


Rubbish collection: is 7am in the morning, on a three week cycle. The “black bin” one week and the “green bin” another week, then the “blue bin”. Just keep the bins outside the garage and a neighbour will put out the correct bin on the correct day. The bin lids clearly state what can be put in which bins.

Awning is beyond economic repair, so please do not use. Gardening: If you feel so inclined, you are welcome to trim or cut back overgrown greenery but please do not dig up any plants.


Electric Heating: Turn all back to timed. (6 till 9am, 6 till 10 pm) and minimum heat exchange in winter. In summer, turn off completely.

Immersion Heater: Leave bottom immersion heater on, but turn the top immersion heater switch off.

Shower En-suite: Turn off ceiling pull switch just inside the en-suite to the right. There is an isolator outside the en-suite, which can be left on. If you turned off the air extraction units at night, please switch it back on. The switch is near the ceiling outside. Bathroom: The electric shower switch is at floor level outside the bathroom, by the top of the stairs. please switch this off.

Security: (Many windows keys appear to have gone missing).Make sure: all windows are shut and locked. Leave keys near windows. Make Sure: both locks are operated on the front door. Make sure: to turn off all lights. Make sure: both garage doors are shut and locked. Make sure: French windows are shut and locked (you may have to slam this one and push brass handle up before door will lock.). Make sure: You leave the key ring with the two garage keys and the patio key in the “chicken”.

Visitors Book: Please sign and comment and add your email address!

If you were sent keys, return keys immediately to:

Hillary Fordyce. Hill Top, Fox Road, Wiggington. Herts HP23 6EE

or Peter West. 116 Alderbury Road, Maidenhead. Berks. SL6 7HE

Notes while you stay:

Village Shop & Post Office: (and to order papers) 01 608 684277 Long Compton

Repairs: Electrical Equipment: to fridge, washing machine, electrical , Jim Hume 01 608 642056 07711 865867 or Mr Mazure 01 608 652278. Plumber: Mr Bradley 01 608 661599 Shipston-on-Stour Shower Electrics: Banner Electrics. 01 608 643202

If anything goes wrong or is missing, please inform Hillary Fordyce 01442 825259 or Peter & Jenny 01 628 310262 or 07887 810423